Ringcentral is a global provider of cloud-based unified communication solutions for businesses. The manufacturer's goal is to connect companies securely and easily on an intuitive platform. With the help of the provider, business and internal calls, voice and text messages can be sent and received anywhere. 
With over 20 years of experience, a high standard of security and an all-in-one communications platform, they have been able to build a leading position in the cloud communications market. RingCentral's specialists invest around the clock in optimising the platform. 
The manufacturer's goal is to securely network companies on an intuitive platform. Seven levels of security, geographically distributed data centres and strict security processes protect against system failures due to operational errors, natural disasters or cybercrime.
The extensive feature set includes the ability to use your own devices as corporate phones, various conferencing features including online meetings, video or voice conferencing, various call management and messaging options. 
RingCentral not only brings together teams thousands of miles apart, but also facilitates collaboration by uniting disparate solutions such as Google, Microsoft and over 200 other companies into one. Maximum flexibility with minimum effort.