Audio Conferencing

The bare essentials for collaboration: the voice and the microphone/speaker combination. Our collection of voice conferencing products range from personal speakerphones to omnidirectional boardroom microphones.

Audioconferencing systems

In today’s business world, which is expanding globally at an ever increasing rate, audio conferencing is an inexpensive solution for streamlining decision-making. The ability to continually pass on information to partners or employees also reduces costs as well as saving time. This benefit should not be underestimated in light of the need for all companies to permanently increase their competitiveness.

Audio conferencing systems use modern full duplex technology to prevent fade-out and distortion, reproducing voices as if the participants were all in the same room.

Simultaenous suppression of echo effects (reverberation) produces a natural sound and allows for normal conversation.

The systems adjust to the existing room acoustics - either once during the initial installation or continuously during operation - and absorb any potential echoes.

Modern audio conferencing systems save time and offer competitive advantages.

„A major advantage of the e-learning platform is that our students gain very simple and immediate access to the recordings.“

Prof. Dr. Sönke Knutzen
Vice President Teaching, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg