Video Conferencing

“Every voice has a face” - that is what we used to say at DEKOM when we started. Today we bring you so many years of experience.

Video Conferencing OTX 100

The possibilities are diverse and adaptable to the communication workflows and networks of our customers. Therefore - and in terms of future scalability - an initial analysis of each individual need, technical conditions and current communication processes, is particularly important.

If you want to equip mobile employees, software-based desktop applications are recommended. For your desk, we deliver representative single-user systems that excel not only by technical reliability, but also visually. For several teams working in different locations you should choose room systems, which are usually stand-alone solutions. This decision depends on the size of the teams, the conference rooms and on the required functions.

Telepresence means to transfer your presence life-size and in Full HD, and at this point, we merge video conferencing and media technology, as the quality of video conferencing is not only determined by sheer resolution and bandwidth: professional lighting, precisely tailored acoustics and optimal ergonomics of the respective premises are just as decisive for a perfect telepresence experience.

DEKOM AG has been the synonym for excellent video conferencing expertise for more than 15 years and has implemented countless successful projects. For companies and government agencies, for schools, colleges and universities, for hospitals, tumor conferences as well as for as for banks or for oil platforms.

"Out with travel time, in with efficient decision-making processes – thanks to video conferencing."

Steffen Weberruss,
Head of Sales Video Conferencing, DEKOM AG

Our solutions

We offer a wide array of manufacturer independent solutions for video conferencing and media technology.

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of renowned manufacturers of video conferencing technology.