Video conferencing in the company

Video conferencing is more important today than ever before. They not only enable location-independent communication with colleagues, business partners and customers around the world, but also promote cross-location collaboration between teams - no matter where the individual members are located. This overcomes distances, speeds up work processes and significantly increases efficiency within the company.

Advantages of video conferencing

Video conferencing is the most efficient means of communication in the world and part of any modern business communication. The uncomplicated planning and execution of video meetings enables communication and collaboration between all employees of a company, regardless of their location. Virtual teams can be easily formed and continuously involved in all processes. Even external parties can easily participate, avoiding time-consuming and costly business trips. By reducing long journeys, you reduce your company's CO2 emissions and make it more climate-friendly.

Here are 10 good reasons why your company should invest in Video Conferencing too:

  • Improved communication through visual accessibility
  • Flexible and fast availability
  • Efficient project and crisis management
  • Control and formation of virtual teams
  • Accelerated work processes
  • Faster decision making
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Travel time and cost savings
  • Good environmental balance due to less travel


Fields of application of video conferencing

Video conferencing connects people all over the world. Whether thousands of miles away or just one floor away, video conferencing is the missing link between sitting across from each other and traveling there.

The use of videoconferencing takes place across industries and in a wide variety of environments and contexts. The possibilities are manifold – here are a few examples:

  • Company meetings across distributed locations
  • Virtual business meetings
  • Recruiting
  • Integration of employees in home office
  • Field service management
  • Product development and presentation
  • Maintenance of customer and supplier contacts
  • Trainings, lectures
  • Virtual clinics, telemedicine
  • Live operations
  • Hybrid events
  • Congresses and trade fairs
  • Crisis management

Video conferencing vs. collaboration

DEKOM – The competent partner for your projects

Are you looking for the right collaboration solution for your company? Our experts will be happy to advise you and help you select and implement your project.


The pen helps you think. Collaboration is thinking in a team.

The fuzziest term in our industry is "collaboration". It simply means working together. Since we are one of the leading providers of visual location-independent communication, we only know collaboration in connection with distance bridging via video conferencing and the relative independence of location. Only when you can sketch, annotate, and sort multiple sources at once while the participants are not all in the same room as the board do we call it "collaboration."

Video conferencing is used to convey information through speech, facial expressions and gestures. But a sketch often has so much more impact than verbal execution. Sketches force the elevated mind to reduce itself to the essentials so that everyone can follow. Communication becomes clearer, more transparent, freer from faulty interpretation and false transmission. So those who sketch skillfully speak their thoughts in everyone's language, document crucial content, allow transport to third parties, and create foundations for further innovation.

With the title "Collaboration", we honor technology that enables collaboration regardless of location. The pen thinks for itself. Whether it can draw, persuade or conjure is determined by the medium on which it is moved.

Interactive whiteboards, video walls with multi-touch functionality and other collaboration tools - we have a wide selection of professional collaboration solutions from all the major manufacturers in the field of unified collaboration.

Cloud or on premise?

Communications solutions inevitably require infrastructure to route calls to the right place, make the system accessible to external parties, and support conferences with more than two participants. This infrastructure can be obtained in two ways: As a predefined server on a shared platform from the Internet - the so-called cloud, or through server components provided in the company's own network – on premise.


More and more companies are using the latest technologies in cloud computing for internal and external corporate communication and collaboration. With the cloud it is possible what was previously only reserved for large companies thanks to massive personnel deployment; that from day one with the first system you can already use the full complexity and functionality of the modern unified conferencing world. For many companies, the cloud is THE solution for reliability, cost savings and above all: ease of use.

Cloud solutions

On premise

On premise installations offer the same scope as cloud solutions, but in the protected and secured environment of your own data center. The necessary infrastructure integrates the hardware and software components within your physical corporate network and provides the backend for a feature-rich video conferencing solution. It is particularly suitable for increased security requirements, for developing your own applications and for closer linking to other in-house IT systems.

On premise infrastructure

The right video conferencing technology

The technical equipment is crucial for successful video conferencing. Whether desktop or room systems, software or cloud services, in our portfolio you will find a wide range of video conferencing solutions from all established manufacturers. From microphones, cameras, headsets and touch control to the entire infrastructure, we offer everything you need for a professional video conferencing environment.


From product to turnkey conference room

As a professional company with decades of experience in implementing media technology, we design contemporary solutions for your conference room that are adapted and tailored to your requirements. No matter what size.

Please visit our page Room & Technology. There we present holistic conference room concepts for every area in your company. Our sample offers include fully equipped workspaces of all types and sizes, including technology, furniture and services.

Of course, we will also be happy to advise you individually and explicitly address your wishes and ideas so that we can find the perfect solution for your company.


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