Interactive Whiteboards

Writing, sketching, annotating and presenting - interactive whiteboards enable teams to work together on documents and projects. Our selection ranges from digital whiteboards and collaboration boards to multi-content canvases.

Interactive Whiteboard - Webex on Flip

Collaboration technology is often reduced to the function of direct touch control of devices. Whether touch monitors, multi-touch boards, MeetingHubs, collaboration boards, canvases, „smart boards“ etc., the sheer number of names and the confusing number of manufacturers of hardware and software do not make it any easier for business customers in particular to decide on the right products.

But we want to help you sort through the current chaos of touch technology, screen manufacturers and software providers and divide interactive whiteboards into three categories:

•  Digital Whiteboard
•  Collaboration Board
•  Digital Canvas

A Digital Whiteboard is nothing less than a flipchart, whiteboard, display and touchscreen all in one: connected to a computer, it allows you to edit documents, play videos and send emails via a touch-sensitive surface. Any application of the PC is controlled with pen, finger and sponge.
A Collaboration Board, on the other hand, offers all meeting formats such as video conferencing, presentations, creative brainstorming and joint revision - in short, everything that constitutes efficient group work. Teams can create, edit and share content together. Multiple live inputs can be displayed simultaneously and projects and data can be shared mobile in the cloud.
A Digital Canvas provides a large workspace to view and edit files of all kinds and all possible sources such as browsers, video files, documents and external video conferencing systems simultaneously. Content can be shared between multiple locations so that teams from different locations can collaborate easily and without complications.


More display solutions for interactive collaboration:

Interactive Whiteboards Comparison

Would you like to learn more about interactive whiteboards? In our three-part comparison overview, we introduce you to various interactive whiteboards. We take a close look at selected digital whiteboards, collaboration boards and digital canvas, test their functions and evaluate them for their suitability for specific scenarios.

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