Digital Workplace

Collaboration tools enable limitless interaction and collaboration with employees, customers and business partners inside and outside the company. Projects and data can be shared in the cloud and content can be created, edited and shared together.

Collaboration without borders

Collaboration is becoming more and more important, especially for companies that attach great importance to productive and modern collaboration.

With interactive display solutions of the latest generation, companies can now display multiple live inputs simultaneously, share projects and data in the cloud, mirror workspaces, documents, or multimedia files on screen. Employees, customers, and business partners can use these tools to share data with peers, and simultaneously work with a multi-touch, PC, or smartphone, making internal and external collaboration much more attractive through platforms, or social networks.

Whether individual display or video wall: Collaboration tools such as telepresence, whiteboarding, content sharing or web applications are integrated into the Visual Workplace, the communication in your company during projects is optimized. Features such as intuitive multitouch control and the latest panel technologies provide employees with more effective collaboration with each other or with their customers. But this is just an example of what they can achieve through collaboration tools. Thanks to their superior image quality and brightness, low power consumption, and long life, these visual systems provide a particularly handy solution for flexible, creative visualizations of content in all types and sizes.


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