Help Desk UC.DEKOM

Your private German video conferencing cloud service. On this page you will find the service status, tutorials and all relevant informations about your UC-Service.

Service Status

SIP 5060 / TCP online
SIP 5061 / TCP TLS  online
Lync / Skypeonline
Cluster Statusonline SSHblocked



We just updated the whole infrastructure to latest stable and "DEKOM-certified" software versions. Please keep in mind to update your clients, too.

App Downloads

Meeting App PC / Mac

Thanks to the App for Mac and PC everybody can
easily connect to UC.DEKOM.

Mobile Meeting App

To join via a mobile device you can use the App
for iOS and Chrome for Android devices.


How can I create new users for organisation?

If you already have access to the site you can create new users yourself.
To get access to this site just write an email to

How can I syncronize my new user?

Until this will happen automatically you need to send an email to with the request of the sync.

How can I join a conference as a guest?

Just connect via Google Chrome or Firefox to and type in the call id of the virtual meeting room. Please refer to the tutorials.

Which IPs are in involved in the cluster (for firewall whitelisting)?

Which ports do I need to open?

Cisco Meeting iOS, OS X and Windows apps require the following ports to be OPEN:
5222 outgoing TCP - XMPP over TCP
3478 outgoing UDP - STUN Signaling + Tunneled Media
50,000 -51,000 outgoing UDP - Media (Optional for best performance)

WebRTC app
If you have a compatible WebRTC browser (Chrome or Firefox) allow the following outgoing ports:
Web Bridge 80 outgoing TCP - HTTP (optional for HTTP to HTTPS redirect)
443 outgoing TCP- HTTPS
3478 outgoing UDP - STUN Signaling + Tunneled Media
50,000-51,000 outgoing UDP - Media (Optional for best performance)

Is a connection with a proxy possible?

Yes, via Google Chrome and Firefox it is possible to connect to the fallback mechanism.
Then all the data is tunneled through TCP 443.

Are servers located outside of the EU?

No, we focus on the laws governing data protection and data security by the EU and our server are placed within these borders.


DEKOM Competence Center
Tel.: +49 40 80 81 81 121