Remote Support

Download remote support for Windows  (.exe file ca. 2.8 MB)

Download remote support for Mac (.dmg file ca. 12.8 MB)

DEKOM would like to actively support you and your workplace with problems and difficulties. Below you'll find our remote access software that enables our technicians to be easily connected to your PC. That way we can show you the configuration steps, settings and administrative operations directly on your computer and perform.

The use of the software requires no installation, no adjusting of your firewall and is of course free of charge for DEKOM customers. The communication is securely encrypted and will mainly be established only if you wish.

If you want to use our remote support, you can download the current version of our Quick Support here. After that, please start the Quick Support program and share the 8-digit connection ID and the password with us. For questions regarding the use of Quick Support Module do not hesitate to contact us.