Collaboration – location-independent cooperation

Working together on projects, regardless of the location of the participants, is no longer a dream of the future. While many companies see hybrid working as a challenge, video conferencing and collaboration tools can help you overcome distance and work with teams, employees and business partners around the world.

Virtual collaboration

Make your company hybrid work-ready

Hybrid working has become firmly established in many companies. Some employees work in a home office, others in an office. But even though this way of working has many advantages, there are also certain disadvantages: Performance and productivity often suffer due to the reduced exchange with each other. But this does not have to be the case. We show you solutions on how you can work together productively despite the distance.

By "collaboration" we mean cross-location cooperation in connection with bridging distances via video conferencing. Therefore, the most important basis for this is a communication platform such as MS Teams, Zoom, or Webex. Since these are cloud-based, users have the possibility to participate in group and individual chats, as well as audio and video conferences, anywhere and from any device.

The communication services are enhanced with applications such as content sharing, whiteboarding and annotation tools. This enables distributed teams to exchange, share and work on files and documents together and in real time.

Without these solutions, it is unlikely that any company would have been able to continue to collaborate within the company in the last two years. But as much as technologies of this kind make it possible to bring employees together no matter where they are, inspiring exchanges with each other unfortunately often fall by the wayside when working in a home office.

Collaboration in a conference room, on the other hand, is simply unbeatable; the motivation of the participants is greater, the communication more intense, the discussion more lively and the result better in the end.

Therefore, many companies are extremely keen to revitalise their meeting and conference rooms for "the time after" and equip them with new technology. The existing communication platform should be able to be easily integrated into the conference room as well as offer employees in the home office and other locations the opportunity to actively participate in joint meetings.

Finding suitable hardware for your UCaaS solution is not difficult: many video conferencing manufacturers already offer pre-configured devices for the most common platforms. The choice of solutions ranges from simple video bars with integrated camera and microphone, to collaborative multi-touch displays including audio and video functions, to complete room systems with mini-PC, cameras, microphones, speakers and intuitive touchpad for controlling the technology.

DEKOM is a long-standing specialist in the field of Unified Communication & Collaboration and provides you with concepts, solutions and the hardware you need to make your company Hybrid-Work-Ready.

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»Collaboration is the word for the fantastic results people create when they work together
supported by good technology.«

Simon Härke, CEO, DEKOM AG

More interaction in the conference room

Make meetings more exciting and productive - with collaboration tools

The conference room is at the heart of every successful meeting and contains a lot of technology that is perfectly coordinated. In addition to a communication platform and various accessory devices for image and sound, this also includes appropriate collaboration tools for interactive cooperation. These enable teams to work together on files, sketch their thoughts, record ideas and exchange documents.

Borderless interaction and collaboration

with collaboration software from Alleo and T1V

Even though you can already collaborate very well with a common UC platform and an interactive whiteboard, there are also tools that take location-independent collaboration to a higher level. These tools include the collaboration platforms from Alleo and T1V. The two manufacturers have specialised in precisely this with their innovative software and are continuously working on the further development of their solutions.


Alleo's innovative collaboration platform creatively and intuitively realises a new standard for users in shared interaction. Formats such as presentations, webinars, onboarding, meetings and project work are revolutionised. The application is browser-based (Google Chrome), so participants can access the digital board via a simple link. Users can place all kinds of files on any number of slides and share their content simultaneously on the virtual surface, enabling brainstorming and collaborative project work digitally.

So far, the tool also includes the option for small-scale video conferencing. However, the function is still being optimised, so it is advisable to use the usual video service in parallel for hybrid collaboration.

Because Alleo runs via the Google Chrome web browser, the software can be used on any device. Alleo can also be used in the conference room, so you can collaborate excellently on the digital board on common interactive displays and whiteboards. Especially the interactive displays by Avocor harmonise perfectly with Alleo.

T1V ThinkHub

T1V's ThinkHub interactive multi-touch tool also offers a special kind of creative collaboration. So far, the software runs on a Mac Mini connected to an interactive touchscreen, though a cloud-based app is already in testing and is expected to launch by the end of 2022.

However, users already have the option of using ThinkHub with their own device and transferring their content wirelessly to a digital canvas. A large toolbox of annotation tools also ensures that users can interact with all content shared on the Canvas. So they can draw, take snapshots, have the content emailed to them, and so on. The toolset is available for all content shared in Canvas - images, videos, PDFs, devices, notes, sketches and web browser windows.

On the Thinkhub interface, communication services such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom can be accessed directly from the menu and displayed in a window. ThinkHub also connects easily with other video conferencing solutions. The ThinkHub software is hardware independent, so it is compatible with most touch screens.

Conference rooms with WOW effect

The most expensive conference room is the one that is not used. We make sure that your employees enjoy spending time there. With us, you get concepts, solutions, ideas and all the necessary hardware delivered and installed to equip your conference room in the best possible way for "the time after" – without media breaks, without leaving your office platform. Contact our experts and start the "New Work" with DEKOM.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Conception, planning and realisation of building projects

A great opportunity for collaboration is offered by the BIM method. With BIM, infrastructure projects and other construction projects can be planned, structured and implemented virtually, while all planning stakeholders are continuously involved in all processes.

In the process, BIM software is used to create a virtual 3D model that enables the coordination and simulation of processes and construction phases throughout the entire life cycle of a project - from planning and design to construction, ongoing operation and maintenance. In this way, completion times can be better calculated, sources of error detected in advance, and costs mapped more transparently. Even after completion of the project, management, maintenance intervals and incidents can be mapped and documented using the BIM method.

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