Sharp K.K. is a Japanese electronics company. It was founded in 1912 and has its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. The company employs 43,511 people in 2016 and has a turnover of 2.46 trillion yen. Today Sharp is located in over 30 countries and sells products in 164 countries. Since 1968, the company has also been represented in Europe, with its first headquarters in Hamburg. The product range includes numerous B2B products such as document solutions for my wide range of multifunction devices, state-of-the-art display solutions such as digital signage products and interactive BIG PAD whiteboards for a wide variety of industries and applications. Sharp also develops digital core technologies and components for electronic products.

The company's history began with the invention of a mechanical pencil (Ever-Sharp pencil) - hence the name "Sharp". Sharp then developed the world's first Japanese televisions and radios as well as the world's first LCD pocket calculators. Today, Sharp manufactures advanced technology for flat-screen displays. This is complemented by the development of digital core technologies and components for electronic products such as optoelectronics, infrared electronics and flash memory electronics.

Since its foundation, Sharp has pursued the goal of improving people's quality of life through modern technology and high standards of innovation and quality. Numerous companies have benefited from Sharp's products and solutions for over 100 years.