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The targeted addition of virtual and acoustic information using modern media technology will help to showcase your products or services.

Amaze your customers with holographic images, create unique ambiances with our award-winning sound installations. By using our innovative media technology, you will add a whole new dimension to your marketing.

Whether your point of sale is in a showroom, airport or shopping centre, we can improve it. Learn how here.

Fields of application:

In a nutshell:

  • audiovisual product information at POS
  • central provision of content to be displayed
  • holographic optical projection as a particular eyecatcher


Put your products in the spotlight

A showroom offers your customers and potential customers the opportunity to find out about your company’s products and services, providing them with virtual and acoustic information in addition to physical displays of sample components. Beside the products on display are monitor points with integrated audio technology displaying relevant details.

The content feed is centrally controlled using digital signage software. If required, the visitor can select, read and/or hear particular topics with the flick of a finger on the touchscreen. Holographic optical projections in your showroom are particularly eye-catching. A projector mounted in the ceiling and invisible to visitors projects light onto a transparent, laser-treated projection surface at a pre-set angle. This special light control process creates the illusion of a floating image with impressive quality and sharpness, visible even in daylight.

Airports & railway stations

More than information

Media technology in airports and railway stations is not just public guidance systems, information boards and advertising displays. It can also be interesting and entertaining, such as at the Hamburg Airport model exhibition. Here, visitors can marvel at the airport laid out in its entirety, with all of its buildings, taxiways and take-off and landing runways - but 500 times smaller than real life. The night view of the model airport is lit up by a sea of light created by 8000 light-emitting diodes.

Visitor service staff guide visitors through the programme with the assistance of a projection, explaining the buildings, sequences and technical facilities. Model planes take off as if by magic, their flights supported by a surround sound system. The presenter controls the entire demonstration via touchpanel, allowing them to concentrate fully on their explanations.

But if you’re looking for information boards, guidance systems or advertising displays nonetheless, we’re the company for you!

In a nutshell:

  • clear presentations
  • detailed simulations of complex relationships
  • surround sound for realistic audio experiences

In a nutshell:

  • flexibility due to mobile media racks
  • convenient media management with PerfectShow
  • award-winning sound installations

Shopping centres

Amaze your customers

In shopping centres, visitors are impressed by numerous media technology details. Pictures from various players are projected onto a large projection screen using a 10,000 ANSI Lumens projector. This is controlled by a mobile media rack connected to special connector panels - called electrants - depending on the event. Media is centrally managed using PerfectShow, DEKOM AG’s media management kit - any type of content, such as schedules or event announcements, can be very easily controlled and distributed to all displays and projectors. The displays which make up info columns are also fed and controlled by PerfectShow. The audio installations in the sales areas (Sounddesign by Soundcom) also provide a special experience.

Forest birds twitter in stairwells, jungle sounds can be heard, and various sales areas are enhanced with thematically related audio. Soundscapes such as forest, mountain and seashore environments offer shoppers a taste of their next holiday while browsing the aisles. Displays with matching image content round off the shopping experience. All media content can also be shown on a 4x4 monitor wall. A particularly clever feature is the ability to display Google Earth.

Our media technology installations in the business sector have already won several awards, including the Sinus Award at the Prolight + Sound trade fair.

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