When impressive sight and sound isn't just enough ... consider telepresence. It makes your collaboration room truly immersive.

Telepresence Cisco TX9000

Video conferencing involves connecting several people in separate conference rooms or at their desks to allow them to carry out their day-to-day work together.Telepresence involves transmitting your presence to a remote location. Telepresence concepts use every technical option available to remove the spatial divides between people by way of video conferencing.

This not only applies to the use of the latest HD audio and video technology, but also the interior design, furnishings and media technology. Telepresence is an independent concept for ‘transmitting’ personalities in high resolution and full size. High availability makes telepresence solutions the fastest, safest, most reliable and most convenient ‘method of transport’ in the world.

The immediacy and the feeling of being close to other telepresence participants are enthralling. Beyond this, there are no words to describe the experience.

Join us for a live demonstration and you’ll understand our enthusiasm.