Zoom is a Californian video conferencing solutions provider based in San José, founded in 2011. They are the manufacturer of a software-based all-in-one solution for video and audio conferencing, live streaming, instant messaging and content sharing for desktops, mobile devices and conference rooms of all sizes. Zoom is new in Germany - and easier, faster and cheaper to plan, install and manage than many other solutions: because Zoom runs on commercially available hardware, the platform can often be used with existing technical equipment, making it easy to integrate into any conference, training or common room. Because of its compellingly simple, cost-effective implementability, Zoom has already won over more than 750,000 organisations.

Unlike other video conferencing solution providers, Zoom focuses entirely on a cloud-based solution where users can deploy virtually any hardware they want, from legacy systems to plug-and-play cameras and computers of their choice.

Zoom products include:

  • Zoom Meetings & Chat: Intuitive video conferencing and instant messaging with unparalleled ease of use - anywhere and on any device.
  • Zoom Rooms & Workspaces: Professional, fully compatible video collaboration for any room - with off-the-shelf hardware and minimal effort.
  • Zoom Video Webinars: Virtual presentations, trainings, town halls and other events with up to 100 active and 10,000 passive participants - both live and on demand.
  • Zoom for Telehealth: Video conferencing product specifically for healthcare providers.