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Dynamic business segments require a high degree of innovation, flexibility, efficiency and speed - particularly when it comes to communication. Branch offices in Europe, production in Asia, sales partners around the world – complex organisations in particular benefit from the enormous potential for savings offered by video conferencing.

We can help you to optimise your communication and collaboration, both internally and externally, and drastically reduce your time to market, for example by setting up virtual conference rooms where high definition video conferencing creates the impression that you are sitting at the same table as your contacts in the Far East.

Companies such as the Warsteiner brewery have recognised this challenge: when the privately-owned brewery modernised their conference rooms, they also installed high definition video conferencing technology. The site in Warstein and the Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg - König Ludwig GmbH’s brewery 600 kilometres away in Bavaria - have since been connected by a video conferencing system. A further system in the production plant replaces unnecessary and time-consuming travel to customers and suppliers.