Technical Services

With us, you can expect trained professionals who respond to your questions and problems competently, purposefully, and immediately.

"Service & support are a priority for us. And for good reason."

Matthias Kalks
Head of Service & Support, DEKOM AG

Technical services

Onsite installation and commissioning are an essential part of our services. Wherever in the world we implement your project, by choosing our comprehensive international installation service you’ll be leaving nothing to chance. The functionality, signal flow and controls of all the technical components in your solution, from the display to the cables, are individually checked before the physical installation.

After successful onsite implementation, the project leader and installation team will carry out another full functionality test and make any final adjustments to ensure the optimum performance of the whole system. Right from the outset, we emphasise transparency and good communication. We develop project planning, timing, programming and designs in continuous consultation with all relevant maintenance groups, architects, general contractors and project engineers to ensure that installation, integration and commissioning are as smooth and seamless as possible.

Your project manager will actively keep you updated on a regular basis, and can be contacted at any time.

Our services:

  • setup, configuration and testing of technology onsite
  • multilingual (German, English, Spanish, Dutch)
  • international service network
  • international availability
  • transparent costs
  • organisational preparation and scheduling
  • highly trained specialist staff
  • process design suggestions 

Service and support are important to us. For good reasons: our solutions are customized and sophisticated. That's what we stand for, that's what we spare no effort for, that's what only the most comprehensive, reliable services are good enough for.

On hand worldwide

DEKOM AG can come to you anywhere in the world.

You yourself determine the guaranteed reaction times in the event of a problem, the duration of the warranty and software updates, and the availability of replacement devices or onsite services. For new equipment, we recommend the gold service level due to its exclusive services.

This provides you with long term planning reliability and the assurance of having an expert partner behind you. As a company with the highest quality standards, we know that we are measured by our performance in the event of faults. For this reason, we use a modern database-driven incident management system, ensuring the greatest possible transparency and the fastest possible handling times. We would be happy to provide you with an individual quote for a service contract.

DEKOM Service Level - Video Conferencing

Occasional use or business-critical application – as the importance of video conferencing is highly individual for every company, we offer three separate levels of service to provide support that meets your needs.

DEKOM Service Level - Media Technology

Support and service are critical to the success of every audiovisual solution – which is why we developed our own customer care scheme. Our service level agreements ensure a reliable, fast and efficient support process.

Covering manufacturer warranties, installation support by telephone, video conferencing, forum or remote control, configuration and onsite commissioning, our service level agreements provide you with a global service geared entirely to your needs.

Remote support

DEKOM you would like to actively support you and your workplace with problems and difficulties. Below you'll find our remote access software that enables our technicians to be easily connected to your PC. That way we can show you the configuration steps, settings and administrative operations directly on your computer and perform.

The use of the software requires no installation, no adjusting of your firewall and is of course free of charge for DEKOM customers. The communication is securely encrypted and will mainly be established only if you wish.

If you want to use our remote support, you can download the current version of our Quick Support here. After that, please start the Quick Support program and share the 8-digit connection ID and the password with us. For questions regarding the use of Quick Support Module do not hesitate to contact us.

Download remote support for Windows  (.exe-Datei ca. 2.8 MB)

Download remote support for Mac (.dmg-Datei ca. 12.8 MB)

DEKOM Service Level

Comprehensive services, preventive maintenance emergency support, to the extent that you need and Transparent and documented.

 Manufacturer warranties, installation support via telephone, video conference, forum or remote access, configuration, onsite commissioning service level agreements provide you with a global service to your needs.

Incident Management

Individual after-sales support

DEKOM AG has years of experience with all video communications and media technology manufacturers. Our knowledge management system ensures that all of our support staff are always fully certified to the latest standards, and allows us to provide fast, reliable and efficient incident management. Instead of simply recording incidents and promising callbacks, our helpdesk staff tackle problems with knowledge and dedication from an early stage.

By working closely with each manufacturer, we can guarantee that your messages reach the right developer’s desk efficiently and as directly as possible, up to 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Many issues can be settled by telephone or email. However, with growing complexity and increasing time bottlenecks, it is becoming more and more important to have a helping hand onsite. This could be physically on your premises or by remote maintenance - practical support via TeamViewer or WebEx can often save time and ensure that assistance and solutions are quickly provided.

For maximum transparency, our support processes are underpinned by a modern serial number-based ticket system - nothing reaches our customers without the individual components clearly identified. Not only does this mean that nothing gets lost, but it also allows each component’s route from production to recycling to be tracked and documented. This means that you can depend 100% on warranty, supply chain and installation information.

A close connection with our ERP and CRM systems allows our support staff to quickly access any necessary information. We only close a ticket when the customer really feels that the problem is solved - and when the solutions are documented.

Service workshop

Fault diagnosis and repair

Warranty repairs

We also carry out repairs under warranty, depending on manufacturer guidelines. After successful repair, your devices are subjected to extensive testing to detect and eliminate any potential temperature problems or run-time errors.


We take care of servicing your media systems to ensure smooth operation. This includes full functionality testing as well as professional cleaning of devices such as projectors or fans.

Software updates

Ever shorter product lifecycles involve increasingly frequent software updates. Generally, systems are optimised for easy updates. However, we are also happy to perform these for you - we will take any dependencies into account and update devices to the most recent appropriate level where necessary, saving you the need to read dozens of release notes and announcements. 

Configuration backup 

When we receive a device returned with an RMA, we always attempt to backup your configuration. This prevents loss of data, and allows us to preconfigure any replacement devices for immediate use.

Alongside comprehensive incident management, DEKOM AG runs its own master workshop with hardware laboratory. Here, our technicians and engineers prepare installations, reproduce errors, and check third party system dependencies or carry out system tests and test connections during repairs or when dispatching new goods - we are able not only to diagnose but also to repair circuitry faults, even in brand new devices:

Manufacture of special cables and custom solutions

In many situations, standard equipment cannot be fully used, such as in narrow floor boxes that are too small for normal cable plugs, or installations in areas that are not easily accessible. We can remedy these situations with custom solutions specially manufactured and tailored to your specifications.

In addition to this, we also offer the following services:

  • repair of third party professional and broadcast equipment
  • maintenance of AV and media components
  • projector cleaning 

RMA Service

Service cases are as diverse as our clients and products. The trouble-free processing of service cases is a matter of course at the DEKOM AG. In order to ensure that the settlement runs smoothly, each request is accepted into our ticketing system in the background, the communication is quick and without loss of information.

DEKOM Service staff handle your requests process-oriented and discuss the next steps with you directly. Through our highly trained staff, we are able to respond individually to service cases of our customers and to analyze them, so that the repair time can thereby be reduced or even a return can be avoided.

However, in case a product must be returned, you can fill out an RMA form with all the relevant information that you need to attach to your case. The contained therein RMA number allows us when receiving the goods to be able to assign & Support Team staff can immediately that accelerates their process significantly.

In the background we now ensure that is executed the RMA in accordance with the previous agreements promptly and to your satisfaction.