Desktop Conferencing

You are the manager. You deserve a professional solution for your personal video conferences, with attractive design and HD quality. Videoconferencing at your own desk increases the availability of yourself and your company considerably.

Desktop System Avaya Scopia XT5000 and Polycom HDX4500

A personal video conferencing solution allows direct communication between people face to face. In addition, a video conferencing system, which fits on the desk or is isntalled as a software on your laptop or PC, means that you can always score with your presence and connect flexibly to online meetings with the individual participants. Whether you need a desktop system, mobile video solution or video conferencing technology, there is the right device for every workplace, whether you want to make a video chat, a video conference or both.

Organize a conference with your colleagues and business partners, or participate in a conference without having to book a conference room - that allows you a videoconferencing system for the desktop. This flexible solution offers a window with open possibilities, especially for managers and executives with a strict schedule. With just one click, you can start sharing your desktop and comnunicate important topics and further have access to your familiar desktop applications and chat features, or share them with your call partners.

Turn your desktop PC into a fully functional video conferencing system using special designed software. Whether it's a Mac or the new Windows 10, Tablet or Smartphone, our software solutions enable any desktop equipped with a webcam to be converted into a video conferencing system. This do not saves time and money only, it also allows the highest degree of mobility and flexibility in video conferencing. This desktop or smartphone function is especially suitable for employees who travel a lot through the work, so travel times can be used actively and comfortably.

Application examples:

  • shared access to information, tele-education or internal training

Particularly suitable for:

  • manager workstations
  • field staff
  • sales representatives
  • teleworkers