Sony PCS-XL55 is an all-in-one visual communication system that combines a built-in camera, 21.6-inch WXGA LCD, speakers, and a microphone in one compact and sleek body that can even double as a PC display. The unit incorporates a privacy shutter that can be closed if you prefer not to be seen when a call comes through.
In addition, the PCS-XL55 is easy to transport because it is equipped with a handle and is relatively light in weight.

The PCS-XL55 adopts the H.264 video codec, which enables transmission of high-quality images at up to 60 frames per second (fps) in a high-efinition resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. HD video enhances your videoconferencing with images for effective communication.

With support for the ITU-T H.239 (video and presentation data) standard, the PCS-XL55 can send both the video and presentation data displayed on your PC to videoconferencing counterparts for more effective communication. Presentation data can be transferred at frame rates as high as 30 fps, providing natural presentations even when using animation effects or showing videos from your PC.

Sony PCS XL55 Front
Sony PCS XL55 Back
Sony PCS XL55 Connections Left
Sony PCS XL55 Connections
Sony PCS XL55 Remote Control

Technical details: SONY PCS-XL55

Order number
PCS-XL55 / EAN: 4905524730555

  • 720p60 HD desktop video conferencing system
  • 720p30 HD CMOS camera (8 MP) and integrated microfon
  • 22'' display
  • Dual stream with 720p30
  • Embedded MCU (2+1)
  • HD recording of conferences to Memory Stick
  • HD streaming of conferences