Room Systems

As Europe's number 1 in room installations, it is our duty to give your meeting room an extreme makeover. With just a state of the art video system, or fully managed and controlled.

Compact systems for up to 5 users
Compact room systems for up to 5 users usually integrate all of the hardware and software components in one unit. These room systems are extremely flexible and portable due to compact construction, enable plug & play installation and are able to connect to any commercial display medium (LCD or projector).

Particularly suitable for:

  • manufacturing and processing industries, e.g. mechanical engineering
  • engineering firms, architectural offices
  • agencies, law firms
  • setting up teleworkstations

Compact systems for up to 10 users
Benefits: extremely high transmission capacity, flexible and easy transport, connects to any commercial display medium, expandable at any time with additional interfaces.

Particularly suitable for:

  • use in manufacturing and processing industries
  • product and research teams
  • engineering firms, architectural offices
  • teleworking centres

High end room systems for more than 10 users

These high-end devices meet all the requirements for interactive video communication and offer top quality transmission with optimum room coverage.

Particularly suitable for:

  • large and multi-point conferences
  • shareholder meetings
  • medical use, e.g. in live operations

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