VidyoRoom Series

VidyoRoom systems are the optimal addition to VidyoDekstop: They combine the benefits of classic room systems and the Vidyo technology. The usability concept can be integrated seamlessly into the Vidyo environment. The video conferecing system supports HD video with 1080/30fps or 720/60fps, data sharing and multi-point functionality. The high-resolution camera from Sony is optimized for conference room conditions.

VidyoRoom systems have imperceptible latency for natural communication and high fault tolerance in traditional IP networks. It is easy to configure and offer different display layouts (eg. active speaker, continuous presence, data sharing or a combination of these options). Flexible conference control options are a click away using a standard remote control device. Support for far-end camera control from VidyoRooms and VidyoDesktops enables remote participants to control what they see as if they were in the room with other meeting participants.

VidyoRoom interoperates seamlessly with VidyoDesktop, traditional H.323 and SIP-based endpoints via VidyoGateway.

The VidyoRoom HD 50-100 system is, in addition to a VidyoDesktop solution for companies, ideal for small to medium conference rooms. We recommend the VidyoRoom 110-200 for meeting rooms with higher standards, medium to large conference rooms and premises of the management.

VidyoRoom Series
VidyoRoom Series With Remote Control
VidyoRoom Series In Use 01

Technical details: VidyoRoom Series

Order number
LIC-RM-SE (Software edition)
DEV-RM-HD3-SA (HD 3 - Codec only)
DEV-RM-HD40-SA (HD 40 - Codec only)