StarLeaf Huddle

StarLeaf Huddle is a complete meeting room solution designed for smaller rooms. It has a microphone, a wide-angle camera, a touch screen and a Pronto Cable USB. This makes the solution easy to set up and connect directly to any screen. Your smallest conference rooms, including remote locations or home offices, can be made video-ready quickly and cost-effectively.

StarLeaf Huddle's responsive high-end touch screen provides a simple yet feature-rich and familiar StarLeaf meeting experience. You have the ability to join a meeting at the touch of a button. The desktop camera and table microphone provide high resolution video and voice. StarLeaf Huddle is compatible with all other professional video systems, including Cisco, Lifesize, Microsoft and Poly. MultiJoin allows you to join meetings at Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Zoom, Webex, Pexip and Skype for Business from StarLeaf meeting rooms at the touch of a button.

DEKOM is certified StarLeaf Premier Partner