Headquartered in Rockleigh, USA, Crestron has existed for over 40 years. Crestron is a system for controlling and controlling control functions in the control area with over 40 different functions.

Regardless of the technology or type of driving device, an intuitive and user-friendly operation that also takes aesthetic and design aspects into account. Crestron products are fast pending in-house developments that are defined and manufactured in the US.

The market leader position is further expanded by the high quality standard and the continuous further development of the products for the complex building and visualization system.

Crestron's activities span various market segments:

  • Media Technology
  • Crestron Home
  • Light and Building Technology

DEKOM is certified by Crestron

Crestron DMC-D Digital Media Certified Technician
Crestron DMC-D Digital Media Certified Engineer
Crestron DMC-D Digital Media Certified Designer