Crestron Flex Pods

Crestron Flex Pods are a wireless audio-conferencing solution that delivers exceptional sound quality and flexibility for any meeting space. Crestron Flex Pods connect wirelessly to the Crestron Flex UC-AUDIO-HUB, allowing you to add pods as needed to accommodate larger rooms or unique layouts. Additional pods can be easily added to expand audio coverage and provide clear, consistent sound for all participants. Simply connect a Crestron Flex Pods Hub to your Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms devices via USB, connect Crestron Flex Pods, and with the push of a button, and your meeting is ready to go. Crestron Flex Pods can also be used with AirMedia® systems or your own BYOD meeting solution. DECT wireless technology provides a secure and interference-free connection, ensuring that your meetings remain private.


  • Clear, consistent audio for all participants
  • Extend audio coverage and reach every corner of your meeting rooms.
  • Simple setup, compatible with Teams, Zoom, BYOD etc.
  • DECT wireless technology for secure communication


Crestron Flex Pods
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