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Precious materials, the highest quality performance: Modern yachts meet the highest standards - they are home, office and club room at the same time.

This requires State of the Art - design and the technology: Whether air-conditioning, radio, radar or television ... a yacht needs an elaborate infrastructure from a variety of safety-related systems and user applications - taking account of specific, individual requirements relating to material properties, space and energy needs.

This includes in particular a reliable mobile network that allows videoconferencing in High Definition quality on the seas: Therefore we use, for example, satellite-based, duplex-capable VPN / WWW connections which increase the dynamic bandwidth on demand - to start a short meeting for example - and afterwards to reduce it again. If available, the intelligent system automatically switches from satellite to a more favorable connection, for example to a wireless network with sufficient capacity. Global reach and maximum flexibility- to demand costs.

Because of this: Only best is good enough. We design and install hand in hand with architects, designers and other relevant professions, which make your house not only a professional, integrated system in terms of comfort, but also in communication terms when it is set up to a home cinema, as well security mechanisms or the connection to your corporate network.

Whether headquarters, home or on the sea: On the benefits of audiovisual communication, you renounce nowhere. No matter if it is used for entertainment or business.