Design of engineering systems

Projektování inženýrských systémů je nezbytnou fází při realiyzci individuálních, komplexních a rozsáhlých projektů. Profesionální design je oblast, která vyžaduje znalosti a dovednosti nejen v oblasti projektování, ale i v oblasti instalace, provozu a údržby různých systémů.

Design of ES

Creating professional projects of engineering and IT systems of an enterprise requires not only knowledge in the field of designing these systems, but also the features of their installation, operation, maintenance, updating and scaling.

DEKOM has the knowledge and many years of experience in developing projects of any complexity, which meet all international standards and take into account the best practices of implementing projects for the integration of various building systems around the world.

Audiovisual (AV) systems design

Audiovisual system design is the process of determining the places and ways of siting audio-visual equipment and additional components in the premises according to the standards, technical requirements and wishes of the customer.

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Structured cabling systems (SCS) design

Designing a structured cabling system (SCS) is the creation of a project for the physical basis of an enterprise information infrastructure. Needless to say the degree of importance of competent construction of this system for most companies in the current conditions of digitalization and technology development.

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Local area networks (LAN) design

Setting up a local area network (LAN) is a task whose importance increases significantly with the growth of the company. The more employees, equipment, office and industrial premises are used in the enterprise, the more attention should be paid to the development of an effective local area network (computer network) project.

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Video surveillance systems (VSS) design

Design of video surveillance systems (VSS or CCTV) is the development of a project for a security and security system of an object through visual observation of an object using a video camera system.

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Access control systems (ACS) design

Designing an access control system (ACS) - creating a project for a protection system against unwanted intrusion of unauthorized persons into an object and organizing internal access for employees to various office premises.

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Automated Building Management Systems (BMS) design

BMS (Building Management System) design is the development of a project for an integrated automated control system for building engineering systems.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) design

BIM (Building Information Modeling) or building information model is a modern technology for 3D design of buildings and premises of any purpose and scale. The main difference from classic 2D projects is that BIM models contain comprehensive information about the future object from the architectural design to the suppliers of materials used for construction.

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