Building Information Modeling (BIM) design

BIM (Building Information Modeling) or building information model is a modern technology for 3D design of buildings and premises of any purpose and scale. The main difference from classic 2D projects is that BIM models contain comprehensive information about the future object from the architectural design to the suppliers of materials used for construction.

BIM design 1

In fact, BIM-model is a future object, which is fully created in digital space, described in detail, including information about the relationship of all the elements between them.

In addition to technical information, the BIM project contains financial data for automatic budgeting and cost planning, as well as data on the planned deadlines of individual work and the project as a whole.

An important feature of BIM design is a mechanism for making changes: one change will automatically entail appropriate changes in all related elements of the project structure, cost, deadlines with notification of all parties involved in the design.

In classical design, it is not uncommon when the integration of projects of various building systems to reveal errors, miscalculations, inaccuracies, which ultimately lead to costly adjustments to the project, both in terms of material and time resources. The complexity of BIM models practically eliminates such situations, since the location of all building systems is strictly coordinated with each other. The system will not allow the simultaneous placement of two physical objects at the same point in space. This error will be immediately noticed and corrected automatically by the system or a specialist with a corresponding change in the related elements.

One model at any time will allow you to get various sections, plans, specifications, work schedules both in digital and printed form. Moreover, the building model itself can be printed on a 3D printer so that project participants can use a physical model of the future building or premises in their work.

It is important to note that BIM design allows all project participants to comfortably and transparently cooperate, perform their part of the work and have access to all the information necessary for decision-making in real time.

BIM design 2

Unlike classical projects, BIM models are actively used by the owners for the entire period of operation of the premises up to their dismantling or demolition, since the projects contain detailed information about all the constituent elements of the construction object. All issues related to the maintenance, repair, reconstruction of the building are solved much faster and more conveniently.

Summing up, we can safely say that the cost of creating a BIM model is a obviously successful investment. Moreover, given the transparency of construction of objects using BIM technology, such design method in the near future will become the norm or even a requirement for most market participants.

Advantages of BIM:

  • significant savings in time, financial costs, and labor resources
  • ease of planning work, costs, material support
  • joint coordinated work of all project participants
  • improved control at all stages of the construction object life cycle
  • reducing corrections, changes, and improvements to a minimum
  • transparency of all information about the object, including financial information
  • the use of a BIM model in the operation of a building up to its reconstruction or demolition, and much more

The high qualification of our specialists, extensive practical experience not only in the design, but also in the installation, maintenance of commercial and government facilities allow us to assert that our company will become a reliable partner in the development of projects of any complexity and scale.

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Trust the professionals! Errors and inaccuracies made at the design stage can have both minor and long-term, financially costly consequences.

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