Structured cabling systems (SCS) design

Designing a structured cabling system (SCS) is the creation of a project for the physical basis of an enterprise information infrastructure. Needless to say the degree of importance of competent construction of this system for most companies in the current conditions of digitalization and technology development.

SCS Design 1

The main task of the SCS is to ensure uninterrupted and high-quality signal transmission between various information infrastructure systems. Such systems include: Internet and enterprise LAN, telephony, audio and video conferencing, network and room security systems, video surveillance, access control system, monitoring and control systems, automated building management systems ("Smart Office" or BMS) and others.

SCS Design 2

A structured cabling system is a hierarchically organized system of cables with support for different protocols that combines servers, PCs, peripheral, audio-visual and industrial equipment of an enterprise into a single network. Due to standardization, the SCS is universal, allowing you to connect various equipment to the network and without restrictions regarding applications installed on network equipment.

An important feature of the SCS is its adaptability and scalability. However, in order to fully use them, it is necessary to provide a certain reserve when designing the system. At this stage of the design, it is impractical to save. Nothing stands still: technologies are developing, companies are expanding, the number and location of employees in departments and offices is changing. For effective use of the integrated SCS at the enterprise, a sufficient number of cables and sockets should be provided for the possibility of connecting new equipment, placing additional workplaces.

The project of building the SCS enterprise should be well thought out, economically justified, take into account all current needs and include a calculation of the optimal reserve.

The project of a structured cabling system must fully comply with the customer's requirements and the norms and standards for the design of SCS:

  • TIA/EIA – 568B
  • ISO/IEC 11801
  • CENELEC EN 50173

A well-written TS (technical specification), which correctly indicates all the requirements and wishes of the customer, is the key to the successful implementation of the project. Therefore, the process of creating a technical specification should involve experts who, after an audit of the premises and collecting all necessary information will be able to understand in detail all the features of the project and professionally formulate the tasks.

Based on the importance and complexity of creating an effective structured cabling system, its design should be entrusted to a professional team, since this is the first and most important stage. Errors made during the design process can lead to significant additional costs not only during installation, but also in the future when changing, updating or scaling the system.

The high qualification of our specialists, extensive practical experience not only in the design, but also in the installation, maintenance of commercial and government facilities allow us to assert that our company will become a reliable partner in the development of projects of any complexity and scale.

To order the development of project documentation, please contact us. Our specialists will tell about the stages and features of design directly to your facility, recommend optimal solutions, request all necessary information to calculate the cost, since to determine the price of design need certain initial data, which may affect pricing.

The cooperation terms are drawn up in the form of an Agreement which guarantees that our company will fulfill all its obligations.

Trust the professionals! Errors and inaccuracies made at the design stage can have both minor and long-term, financially costly consequences.

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