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The future of your meetings starts now!

And it's hybrid.

Face this challenge now and encourage teamwork and communication among your employees with perfectly equipped work and meeting areas. Regardless of where they are working from. Whether in the home office, on the road or in the company.

Which systems are best suiting for the already acquired technic of your company, and how do you manage the balancing act between remote leadership and leadership in presence in your company?
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Hybrid Work & Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid working and hybrid meetings are a combination of physical presence at the workplace and remote working from the home office. This results in flexible teams in which either one part works permanently in the office, another part remotely at home, or hybrid - both remotely and in the office.


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Hybrid Conferences

In the future, everyday conferencing will change and become a mixture of face-to-face and online meetings. No big deal. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge will be to give all participants the same technical conditions so that the participant who is virtually connected to the meeting is heard just as much as the participant who takes part directly in the meeting.

Which systems are best suiting for the already acquired technic of your company, and how do you manage the
balancing act between remote leadership and leadership in presence in your company?

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Hybrid events & presentations

Familiar experiences fused in two worlds. An online event with an offline audience. A limited number of viewers in the eventspace and an unlimited number of participants spread around the globe. This is not a dream of the future, this is the reality. We'll help make your event successful, whether online or offline.

Contrary to just live presentations, hybrid presentations are a great challenge because the demand of such an event should be that both participant groups have an almost identical presentation experience. Therefore, we offer the planning and technical implementation competence for your hybrid presentation.

Hybrid congresses & fairs

Host events on site securely and connect virtually with conference topics and exhibitors. Together, we develop various streaming set-ups and equip them with flexible streaming technology. This offers the opportunity to hold a hybrid and fully digital event of any size. Reach participants all over the world live or via live stream. 

With the variable scale of your event you can, for example, allow your sponsors to draw the audience's attention to your products or services in an even more targeted way.

Rethinking conferences, events and fairs

Save costs and preserve the environment

Let's be honest: Nothing beats face-to-face meetings and direct exchange on-site, after all, what could actually replace real events? BUT, it's also about your personal safety and giving your attendees the choice to show up to your event in person or participate via livestream.

The digitalization takes big steps and certainly doesn't exclude conferences and fairs.
And that's a good thing, because you can give your potential attendees the choice of whether they want to come on-site or participate via livestream. Offer your attendees different options and automatically expand the circle of your potential customers.

The magic word is "hybrid" and is an ingenious combination of face-to-face and virtual events that holds a lot of potential.
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Discover the potential and benefits of hybrid events

Use the competitive advantage

Compared to exclusively local events, hybrid events offer decisive advantages:
ou automatically expand the reach of your event and thus scale the number of participants; anyone in the world can easily attend your event - without extended traveling times and expensive hotel costs. Hybrid events are much more cost-efficient, grant more insights into your company and you have the opportunity to draw the attention of potential customers to your company in a more targeted way.

Another relevant factor is the saving of CO₂ emissions - your participants do not have to travel individually, so with a hybrid event, you automatically contribute a great deal to environmental protection and improve the green image of your company.

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Your advantages in one view:

Increase range
Extend the field of participants and thereby your reach.
Events independent of time and space. Worldwide operation. Made possible by hybrid events.

Bring external speakers and experts live into your event.
Flying in a guest speaker from halfway around the world for a 15-minute talk is not necessary. Add as many speakers as you like from all over the world to your event. Save money and protect the environment.

Actively involve your users through chats, polls and live circuits.
The interaction of the audience with each other, but also with the exhibitors, are an important part of larger events. Through modern technology, you enable the participating audience to have this kind of interaction. As if everyone were together in one place.

Video On Demand
Presentations are available live or anytime later. 
The content of your guest speakers will not be lost but will be available at any time. Thus, the interviews or lectures are always present.

Hybrid medicine & pharma – welcome in the future

Hybrid is already part of the daily routine in the clinic



Frequently, special surgeries are live-streamed to a large audience of professionals or students directly into the lecture hall or a conference hotel.
In this way, the students can learn live from the specialists and, the specialist audience can additionally exchange ideas with other colleagues on-site during the symposium.


But also for pharmaceutical sales representatives these kinds of meetings and events are indispensable. Over the past years, the field of activity of pharmaceutical sales representatives has also changed considerably. In-person visits decrease - there are only about two days per week with personal monitoring visits or general visits. All work, including training, education, meetings and conferences increasingly implement hybrid. 

We take care of the perfect image and sound quality of the live stream of your symposium, from operating rooms to auditoriums or conference hotels. Further, we provide advice and support for your presentations, training and meetings with our decades of expertise. Additionally, following your event, we manage the recordings so that you can make them available to the professional audience and your students.

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