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With our professional, good organized and experienced team, we design solutions tailored to your requirements - budget-friendly and user-friendly.

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As a professional and experienced company, we design customized, modern and cost-effective solutions to meet your requirements and offer you customized, specific advice in the areas of media technology and conference technology.

Media technology designated media that reflect the audible and visual senses and information of the human being through sound and image. These can be digital or analog. The term media technology refers not only to the field of digital media itself, but also to the optimal technical support of the audio and video. The media technology covers media technology cameras, projectors, recorders, systems for sound reinforcement, interactive whiteboards and displays of all kind of systems.

Media technology is used in combination with conference room technology to develop a high-quality room, for video conferencing or general meetings. These professional and technical requirements can be met with flexible conference furniture such as a conference table, a conference chair, display solutions or even the most diverse conference technology of high quality. With integrated technology, which supports communication and meetings and is easy to use, their conferences are representative. This includes conference technology, conference facilities and conference systems, which are easily accessible by their employees and partners and yet disappear invisibly in the background. After all, people are still the focus of a conference or a meeting. A reliable conference room with video technology is always the result of many wishes and opinions, long planning and endless discussions. You choose the furnishings, the office furniture, the number of seats in the meeting room, the design of the surface veneer and decide which conference room technology and media control you prefer. And now an interactive conference room of the highest functionality is already at your disposal.

"We don’t sell products. We implement solutions."

Michael Lembach
Head of Sales Media Technology, DEKOM AG

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