Media Presence Environment

The very latest innovation on the market, the Media Presence Environment, is an ideal conference room for unrestricted collaboration. State of the Art Technology. Excellent Design. 100% Customized.

DEKOM Media Presence Environment - Media Technology

Your conference room concept

It’s a room that adapts to its users and meets modern requirements, with integrated and easy-to-use technology which facilitates communication and remains easily accessible while disappearing completely into the background. After all, people are the most important part of a conference.

A conference room is always the result of numerous requests and opinions, long planning and endless discussions. But does this have to be the case? With the MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT (MPE), we have developed a room that needs just four decisions: choose the shape of the table, the number of seats, the colour and finish of the surface veneer, and select your video conferencing codec. That’s all we need to create your ideal conference room.

At the heart of this room is our MEDIA PRESENCE SYSTEM - winner of the iF product design award 2012.

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Desk connector panels

Stylish desk connector panels provide all the necessary ports for each seat, ensuring that VGA, HDMI, network and power connections are immediately available to every participant. Integrated microphones also ensure optimum speech quality during video conferences. The illuminated glass control windows are designed in the same material as the tabletop, and blend into the surface almost invisibly when not in use.


No other piece of equipment has such a direct impact on comfort as chairs. A combination of sophisticated construction, superior function and top quality materials makes these conference chairs an asset, and the shape, colour and material are left to your decision.

A key feature of the conference chair’s cantilever construction is the split leg joint, which allows the chair to swivel. The construction is perfectly supported by mesh fabric, which provides a high degree of comfort.

The chair swivels 360°, and also has a unique magnetic reset mechanism which gently and automatically turns the seat back to a 90° position.

The MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT can be customised to your needs and existing premises. With just a few key details regarding the number of seats, chair design, table shape and required veneer, it provides the right solution for the most exacting requirements.

The various configurations are developed and produced in exclusive cooperation with Holzhoch2. This long-established German company is known for tableware products in the broadest sense, for contemporary design which combines functionality and aesthetics, for technical perfection and top quality materials and workmanship.

Surfaces & Veneers

Wood surfaces

All veneers are produced from a single trunk for each customer. This ensures table surfaces, fronts and cover plates to be precisely coordinated.

High quality veneers are selected in the veneer plant based on the pattern, colour, treatment and overall quality. The result is almost invisible technology integration.

Lacquered surfaces

Perfect surfaces and absolutely flawless veneers epitomise the MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT. Lacquered surfaces are applied in four layers for veneered surfaces, and up to seven layers for cabinets. The undersides of our tabletops are processed in the same way.

This is just a small selection of our veneers. A variety of veneers and surfaces is available to choose from, depending on your preferences and room design. From white piano lacquer to genuine wood veneers, your options are unlimited.

Perfect surfaces and absolutely flawless veneers epitomise the MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT. Nothing less will satisfy us.

Table Shapes

The MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT can be individually customised to your needs and premises. To do this, we offer two basic table shapes in a variety of sizes:

The convex triangular table creates a telepresence situation and optimally displays every individual participant in full size for video conferences. The curved edges of the table ensure that all participants have a clear view.

For multi-purpose rooms, a V-shaped table offers the best possible recording perspective. A wide variety of top quality genuine wood veneers and lacquered surfaces are available for all table surfaces, fronts and cover plates.

If you need any assistance with your decision, or would like a different shaped table, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Audio System

The MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT’s invisible sound system is unique. a freely-suspended special glass panel not only conceals cameras and an HD screen, but also simultaneously acts as a soundbox due to the rear-mounted exciter. Because of this, the sound comes directly out of the picture.

And you can hear the difference: the MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT provides a perfect audio experience. Highly effective sound insulation reduces echo interference and ensures the best possible clarity of speech. The special acoustic ceiling provides a finely-tuned combination of effective sound absorption and diffusion, and the audio generation components are all carefully selected. This all ensures excellent acoustics with minimal reverberation time, creating a first-class environment for conversation in both video and face-to-face conferences.

Media Control System

Central media controls allow all technical and room components to be operated easily and intuitively. The MEDIA PRESENCE SYSTEM can be conveniently controlled by WLAN using an iPad or a 9” touchpanel connected to the table. Signal distribution is enabled by a signal crossbar in the background.

It takes just a few steps to operate the video conferencing system, monitors or retractable preview monitors in the table, to connect a signal to the desired monitor, or to alter the lighting conditions using scenarios.

The media control user interface can be customised to match the customer’s corporate design on request.

Infrastructure Components

Fanless components were deliberately chosen to reduce distracting background noise to an absolute minimum. All components of the MEDIA PRESENCE SYSTEM are completely hidden in the 19” drawers beneath the monitors. A quick press is all it takes to open the smooth-running drawers when needed.

Main features

  • full HD video conferencing system
  • bodyshaker
  • high quality sound for speech and hifi-playback via digital signal processor
  • signal matrix for digital and analogue video and audio signals
  • subwoofer
  • integrated air circulation

"Designing these invisible details, these innovative technical finesses - this is what makes my work so appealing."

Thomas Aicheler
Project Leader Systems Construction, DEKOM AG