Extron Electronics Corporation is a company founded in 1983 by Andrews Edwards. They are the leading provider of AV technologies headquartered in California. Extron is a privately held company with over 5000 product solutions and more than 40 offices worldwide.

Audiovisual technologies support the efforts to constantly improve the means of communication and are therefore an important part of every organisation. They enable people and companies around the world to benefit from their audio-visual signal processing, distribution and control products. Their advanced products are coordinated with each other and thus represent a holistic technology solution that produces high-quality images and sound. In addition, these technologies promote your systems for easier operation and more reliable operation. It doesn't matter whether you want to teach, make decisions, collaborate, monitor, notify, inspire or entertain.

DEKOM is certified by Extron

Certified Extron XTP Technician
Certified Extron Control Professional
Certified Extron Authorized Programmer