Military & Security

The latest media technology is an everyday tool in the military sector just as it is everywhere, but with one difference - the security requirements are higher than anywhere else. This applies to data security and protection against interception as well as to the availability of technology, and to components and as well as installation and implementation processes.

No problem - it’s just a question of planning.

Fields of application:

In a nutshell:

  • noise-reducing soundproof housing
  • individually customised to projector model
  • independent ventilation to regulate heat

Control Rooms & Data Centres

Keep track

Intense concentration is required for monitoring in control rooms and data centres. Processes to be monitored are frequently displayed using large-screen projections. As the projectors run for the whole day, and the devices generally used are extremely bright and consequently produce a lot noise, sound insulation is extremely important.

The use of soundproof housing is recommended in this type of application field. The housing surrounds and completely encloses the LCD projector, and is also fitted with independent ventilation to supply fresh air and remove heat. This reduces noise by approximately 60%. The soundproof housing is individually manufactured according to the projector model, and can also be mounted below the ceiling if required.