Marketing Services

We ensure acceptance and use. Our Video Adoption Services incl. CI-integration support you in the introduction of visual communication within the company and ensure a rapid return on investment!

DEKOM Marketing

  • Accumulated knowledge contained in 1578 pages online
  • 14 national and international branches assisted by the marketing department
  • Website in 6 languages
  • Over 100,000 website visitors since 1998
  • Several thousand catalog orders via the website in recent years
  • 226 reference customers publicised on
  • 272-page DEKOM catalog released every 2 years


Our launch, deployment and commitment campaigns include numerous digital and printed marketing tools developed from decades of experience with countless video conference projects of all sizes. These include:

  • CI-compliant interface design
  • posters
  • flyers
  • catalogs
  • apps
  • digital guides
  • and much more

Whether you choose a single advertising medium or a complete package, all of our campaigns are custom-designed and ready-to-use, and ensure smooth deployment, greater commitment, increased acceptance and finally faster amortisation of video conferencing in your company.

We will help you and your employees to develop and establish new processes and workflows for dealing with the new communication technology on a daily basis. We’re there for you – even long after the last cable is laid.

View our presentation as an e-zine:

Lifesize | Cisco

Our marketing department is no ordinary department. Its staff are not just responsible for this catalog – they also design, code and run our website and the largest German-speaking video conferencing forum, provide ideas and materials to our 14 national and international branches, research case studies and write white papers, film video testimonials and organise the annual DEKOM Conferencing & Seaport Day.

Our marketing department is a fully-fledged communications agency – developed from the Hamburg-based DIGITAGE – with expertise, experience and first-class references from numerous external projects in a wide range of companies and industries.

Our marketing department is a true service provider, delivering creative work not only in-house, but also for our customers. Based on decades of experience in countless video conferencing projects of all sizes, DEKOM marketing offers an extensive range of services to greatly facilitate the introduction of video conferencing at your firm – services that are customised and ready to use, from poster campaigns upwards.

Interface Design

Logical, intuitive operation is an important requirement for efficient work – and a positive user experience is a crucial factor in the success of a solution. This is why our user interface design takes into account both conceptual and aesthetic aspects of interaction.

We have decades of experience in designing and optimising user interfaces to your wishes, specifications or company standards - from GUIs to mobile apps, video conferencing systems to touchpanels.

And not only that - as a certified TYPO3 agency, we design and code websites, develop complete solutions for online and print media, and provide support for your web presence, whether that involves creating an entire visual identity or providing cleverly designed, individually tailored database solutions. Please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!


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"We will help you and your employees to develop and put in place processes and workflows for dealing with your new communications technology on."

Dipl. Des. Annett Kalks
Marketing Director, DEKOM AG