XaaS as a monthly service
DEKOM Workspaces XaaS
DEKOM XaaS are complete media technology solutions and collaboration modules according to your needs at a monthly rate including all required services, licences, hardware, security parameters and contracts.
Our XaaS tariffs as PDF

We distinguish in different tariffs:


VaaS (Video as a Service)
Cloud video platform

Ready-to-use – Plug & Play
Three different DEKOM cloud services for your company's individual security requirements.

DaaS (Devices as a Service)
Home & Office Tarifs

Ready-to-use – Plug & Play
No matter whether in the home office or at your office workplace. These solutions work everywhere and at all times.

MaaS (Meeting as a Service)
Meeting by Design

Standardised offers for your conference room. Depending on the size and number of people, choose your all-inclusive rate for your conference room.

AVaaS (Audio/Video as a Service)
Concept Meet

For individual buildings and premium requirements. Individual conception, project and construction planning and execution in the premium segment.

DEKOM and X as a Service

What we do for you

The term XaaS means "Anything as a Service" and comes from cloud computing.
It describes the process of no longer running part of the IT department internally but taking it from the cloud.

Everything that your IT department does is offered by us as XaaS, whereby the X is simply replaced by the first letter of the service. Only you decide how much service you need and where.

A service is the most valuable part of the IT service, topped only by the term "business process" or "core process".

• XaaS is clearly different from leasing
• XaaS thinks in terms of individual "services"
• XaaS does not only lease competences but entire conference rooms     
• XaaS does not think in terms of devices but in terms of holistic solutions

XaaS means giving DEKOM the responsibility for providing defined services. Trust the expertise and experience of one of Europe's largest video conferencing specialists.

With our services, you get an on-demand, ready-to-use video conferencing environment at transparent, monthly costs - fully compatible, highly flexible and completely scalable.

Use our various services to equip your company and your employees with the latest technology, to expand your infrastructure and thus your possibilities, as a fall-back solution for business-critical installations or to improve your call security. 

XaaS as a monthly tariff

You have the choice

Technology means constant change. Change in ways of thinking and working, but also change in the equipment of your company - whether in the home office, at the workplace of your employees or in your conference and meeting rooms. But how can you always do justice to the constant technological change in your own company? What was purchased today could already be old hat tomorrow.

How are you supposed to know what is needed for what, which devices are compatible and which solutions are the best for your requirements? How can you respond to the ever-changing market? How can you counter the increasingly important issue of data protection with the constantly changing requirements of security standards? You just want "it to work" and don't want to worry about updates, annoying paperwork, licences, data protection and contract documents?

As a technology-oriented company, we understand this only too well. We are already one step ahead and thinking about the future of your business and have developed XaaS services. But what does that mean exactly? XaaS are complete media technology solutions and collaboration modules according to your needs at a monthly rate including all required services, licences, hardware, security parameters and contracts.

You would like to re-equip your existing conference rooms?

Our various purchase and financing options for you:

Use DEKOM not only as a competent advisor for the equipment of your conference rooms, but also as a financially strong partner for attractive financing services. It doesn't always have to be the classic way of buying. Our team will be happy to advise you in detail on your various options.

High-quality conference room equipment and various financing options - we will help you find the right solution

Many options are available to you. The classic purchase option is one of them. As individual as your requirements.

Take advantage of our attractive financing offers for your conference room.


Flexible terms, fair leasing offers. We are an attractive leasing partner for your conference room technology.

Your conference room at a fixed monthly price. We have developed different standards for every room size.

DEKOM is certified partner

of more than 40 renowned manufacturers of video conferencing and media technology

Our XaaS tariffs:

VaaS (Video as a Service)
Cloud video platform
DaaS (Devices as a Service)
Home & Office Tariffs