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Companies and institutions rely on professional media technology whenever they need to communicate informatively and with audience appeal. It has become almost indispensable in science and administration in particular. We provide trendsetting equipment for auditoriums of any kind, from presentation and training rooms to lecture halls and plenary chambers.

Not only does our repertoire include installation of professional sound systems, lighting and informational tools; we also provide technical highlights such as display-based voting systems, automatic camera tracking and live transmission with language support to LANs, the Internet or external locations using the latest video conferencing technology.

Fields of application:

In a nutshell:

  • floor-integrated pressure points
  • signal transmission via media control system
  • complete freedom of movement for speakers

Solutions for presentation rooms

Automatic speaker-tracking cameras

The challenge faced during video conferences in presentation rooms is to transmit more than long camera shots of the speaker. To make presentations interesting and lively for those taking part by video conference, the system’s camera must be able to capture the speaker even if they are moving.

For this reason, a system was developed where the camera automatically tracks the speaker. The floor in front of the board is equipped with contact mats, using pressure points to register the speaker’s movements.

If the speaker steps on one of these points, the signal is interpreted by a media control system and transmitted to the camera via the video conferencing system. The camera automatically follows this signal, which means that the speaker doesn’t have to think about whether they are still in shot.

Solutions for Auditoriums & Lecture Halls

Networked learning as the new standard

Networked learning is becoming increasingly important nowadays. For this reason, more and more universities are using video conferencing systems combined with content servers. This allows teaching content to be broadcasted via video conference to another lecture theatre and simultaneously recorded, providing an easy way of bringing students and teachers from different locations together.

By using dual projection, both the remote location and the lecturer’s presentation can be displayed. Radio microphones for the lecturers and around the auditorium provide voice transmission. Audio signals are processed by digital sound processors (DSP) so that they are reproduced simultaneously in the lecture hall and at the other end of the video conference connection.

Video conferencing solutions are usually configured for full HD transmission, making them future-proof. Various cameras in the room allow pictures from different angles to be transmitted, ensuring that the most important view of the lecture hall is always shown, whether it’s the speaker as seen by the audience, a projector image or board content.

Transmissions or local presentations can be recorded using a content server connected over IP. Afterwards, these recordings can be edited and conveniently made available for participants to download as a reference.

The all-in-one solution is operated via a bi-directional wireless touchpanel that can be used to control not just the media technology, but also building services such as lighting and blinds.

In a nutshell:

  • floor-integrated pressure points
  • signal transmission via media control system
  • complete freedom of movement for speakers

In a nutshell:

  • noise-reducing soundproof housing
  • use of particularly bright projectors
  • promotion of effective learning through digital technology

Solutions for Universities & Colleges

Up-to-date learning via electronic display media

Projectors for displaying teaching content are part of the basic equipment in modern auditoriums. Achieving the large screen sizes necessary for this requires the use of powerful data and video projectors with very high light output of up to 20,000 ANSI Lumens.

These professional installation projectors generate a great deal of heat and therefore also require a great deal of ventilation. Soundproof housing specially adapted to the projector also ensures pleasant acoustics in the room.

Effective learning processes form the basis for successful communication of content. Didactic networks allow the lecturer’s screen content to be displayed on every other monitor in the classroom, and also to be projected in large format.

In addition to this, lecturers can show individual students’ screen contents on their own monitor. Multimedia products such as projectors, DVD players, visualisers or interactive whiteboards can also be integrated. All of the integrated PC workstations in the room are radially wired to a central control unit. The central control unit is operated by the lecturer via button controls or a touchpanel.

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