Extron Electronics Corporation is a privately held company founded in 1983 and headquartered in California with 40 offices worldwide. With over 5.000 product solutions, more than 100 patents, the product line provides solutions to create better looking images, higher quality sound and systems that are easier to control. Over 600 engineers are dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of the products.

Extron products are designed to work together, creating complete integrated technology solutions that work seamlessly with your video conferencing and AV systems. Extron systems make it possible to present high quality audio and video wherever it is needed to enable effective information sharing, whether you need to educate, make decisions, collaborate, monitor, notify, inspire, or entertain.

Engineering resources enables the development and deployment of core technologies that improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of audiovisual systems. The core technologies are developed in-house, resulting in an exceptional level of control over how the products work in your company and for your users. The highest level of support is provided to meet the interoperability challenges of constantly evolving signal and display technologies.

DEKOM is certified by Extron

Certified Extron Authorized Programmer
Certified Extron Control Professional
Certified Extron XTP Technician