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Your guests are discerning – and not only when it comes to service.

Business travellers in particular are increasingly dependent on reliable and intuitive technical infrastructure, and expect appropriately high standards from potential hosts. From welcome screens to room guide systems, mobile conference carts to fully equipped function rooms, we can provide the state of the art that your guests expect.

Fields of application:

In a nutshell:

  • welcome screens to greet guests
  • content management system to centrally administer content
  • wide variety of display options


Where the first impression counts

The foyer is the first impression a visitor receives of your company. An open and hospitable atmosphere is particularly important here. Welcome screens are used to help achieve this.

Often, however, more than a greeting is needed. Showing different texts on several monitors allows offers in various service areas to be displayed easily, conveniently and independently of each other.

Using a content management system, you can determine what content is displayed on which monitor, when, and for how long. This system is controlled centrally using a PC to enter all content. Films and tickers can of course be displayed and controlled as well as text.


Atmospheric surroundings

Soft music, subdued lighting, comfortable furniture... your lounge is a place to relax. We create unique atmospheres with perfectly coordinated audio, video and lighting technology to make you and your guests feel comfortable.

Relax and enjoy multimedia entertainment from subtly integrated HD screens, or use the space differently: central media controls allow functional use and intuitive, versatile, secure and convenient configuration of the technology for a wide range of scenarios.


In a nutshell:

  • multifunctional technology for use in a variety of scenarios
  • intuitive operation using central media controls

In a nutshell:

  • function rooms available for multifunctional use
  • visually customised design
  • complete mobile presentation equipment

Ballrooms, function rooms & conference halls

(Mobile) equipment for every need

Light and sound technology is standard, but what happens when that isn’t enough? Make your ballroom more versatile with solutions such as a mobile, multifunctional conference cart containing all the technical components needed for a professional, audio-supported data presentation and matching the appearance of your existing furniture.

A projector transmits data signals from a laptop plugged into the connector panel or video signals from a Blu-ray player through an objective aperture in the front of the cart. The volume is adjusted with a rotary switch, and the sound is produced by concealed loudspeakers in the front of the cart.