Created in 2007 and based in Paris, UbiCast is a leader in creating and sharing Rich Media video: users can create, train, teach and communicate through video thanks to their large range of intuitive and automated solutions. UbiCast offers solutions covering the entire video life cycle, from content creation to streaming and analytics. Even the non-specialist users can create and easily share their Rich Media videos in a self-contained manner.

Education and corporate training stand at the heart of today’s digital transformation: with the right kind of video (high quality, interactive and searchable), sharing knowledge has never been so effective and engaging. UbiCast's automated solutions enable the decentralization of content production and thus allow organisations to truly leverage the power of video. In the world of higher Education, classroom courses can now be complemented and enhanced by online courses, live conferences and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). In the corporate world, training is being digitalized with searchable learning video portals and live and interactive webcasts, offering organisations cost-effective, flexible and personalised training.