UbiCast Campus

UBICAST Campus is a recording solution for multi-room rollouts : thanks to a recorder and post-production station, Campus allows both processes’ automation and tools for fleet management.

Placed in each room, it automatically synchronizes video, audio and computer sources.

Post-production workstation
Featuring a 19'' touch screen for encoding and editing, it includes the Campus Manager web interface for recorders’ remote control, recording scheduling, appearance customisation and integrated publishing.

Easy to use by companies, universities, training or health organizations, the Ubicast Campus digitalizes conferences, courses or trainings in a simple and automated way. It is a complete tool from recording to video broadcasting. Whether it's interactive live webcasts for employees and customers or creating Rich Media videos for educational content, UbiCast Campus is a simple and affordable solution. Intuitive and autonomous, it is piloted from a simple touch pad that allows any user to automatically record and broadcast videos in HD quality, while the content packaging (logo, intro clip, background image, etc.) and editing is automated.

UbiCast Campus

Technical details: UbiCast Campus



  • Video up to 1080p 30 fps: IP camera, HDMI, SDI, DVI
  • Data up to 1920x1200 30fps: HDMI, VGA, DVI
  • Audio Jack 3.5mm, XLR Outputs
  • Live: H.264 / AAC 720p and point-to-point streaming
  • On demand: publish to the MediaServer or post-production workstation


Post-production workstation


  • 4 TB (500 hours)
  • RAID 5


  • Autonomous HTML Rich Media Player (video in MP4, H.264 / AAC, HLS, WMV ... up to 1080p) compatible with servers, intranet and LMS
  • High quality separate archives for desktop editing
    Publishing to USB, FTP, MediServer, YouTube