Since its foundation in 1987, the Canadian company SMART has stood for innovation and quality. For over 30 years, they have been developing hardware and software solutions that create an interactive working environment. SMART developed the world's first interactive whiteboard back in 1991 and has been the undisputed world market leader ever since. Over two million SMART Board Interactive whiteboards are used by more than 40 million students and their teachers in more than 175 countries.

In general, SMART displays and software support teams working together in any working environment. You can brainstorm on the whiteboard, work with common business applications, or host video conferences. This allows you to easily share your ideas with colleagues around the world and get results that drive your business faster. Smart sing's solutions are suitable for Huddle_Rooms, from your personal office to open spaces. In addition, the SMART product range today also includes interactive flat screens, interactive tables and interactive pen displays. In addition, there are student response systems, wireless slates, audio amplifiers, document cameras, conference software and a comprehensive range of interactive learning software, as well as integration and services.