SMART Learning Suite Software

SMART Learning Suite is an educational software designed specifically to help teachers teach better and to help students learn. The software combines lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning to an enriching learning experience. SMART Learning Suite Software can also integrate into any existing environment, making it compatible with all devices. 


  • SMART Notebook: Send lessons directly to the SMART Board
  • SMART Response 2: Quick and easy way to conduct formative assessments
  • SMART lab: Create lessons in minutes through user-specific activities and topics
  • SMART Exchange: More than 350,000 free resources and connection with a community of educators

Key Features:

  • Operate your SMART Board with an app
  • The flexibility you need to succeed
  • SMART Learning Suite Online 
  • Easy to use. Easy to adopt.
  • Software for any hardware 

SMART Learning Suite Software
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