SMART Podium 624

SMART Podium 624 is an interactive pen display. It allows teachers and entrepreneurs to make notes or illustrations with a wireless pen on the 24-inch touch screen while presenting. This means that you are permanently in front of the audience, but you can still interact with them and enter questions or comments in the presentation. This makes communication more effective and your meetings more collaborative overall.

SMART's interactive pen display includes SMART Meeting Pro software with SMART ink. So presenters can spontaneously annotate any file type, such as websites, videos, PDFs and Microsoft Office files, using the wireless, battery-free pen or your finger to work with the audience on important points.


  • Intuitive interaction: With the help of gestures, notes and illustrations can be moved, manipulated (pinch, zoom, rotate, mirror) and saved.
  • 24" Full HD touch screen: 10 touch points and 4 preset buttons (black, blue, red and SMART ink) offer almost unlimited possibilities for commenting. A surface with Silktouch smoothness, Full HD resolution and an adjustable stand provide an uncompromising touch experience and high image quality.
  • Cordless pen: The cordless, battery-free pen gives the presenter the freedom not to restrict his or her body language while taking notes. With the eraser and mouse click functionality, the pen brings everything you need to navigate.
  • Display Flexibility: HDMI, DVI-I, USB ports and VGA adapter cables allow you to connect the SMART Podium to any projector or large format display. Thus your presentations are clearly visible in meeting rooms of any size.

SMART Podium 624
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