I display sono uno dei componenti più importanti delle installazioni di tecnologia multimediale e sono indispensabili anche nelle sale conferenze. Il nostro catalogo offre un'ampia selezione di display dei produttori più rinomati: saremo lieti di consigliarti le dimensioni, la luminosità, la tecnologia e l'applicazione più adatta alle tue esigenze.

Each successful communication needs a flexible, innovative screen, adapted to personal information. Professional LCD and plasma displays with Full HD are therefore an important component of media installations.

Depending on the field of application, highly different, specific solutions are resulting: In the area of ​​public displays or digital signage, criteria such as longevity and low power consumption have priority because of the permanent operating times. In the case of HD video conferencing systems, on the other hand, representative design and material, low heat development and the highest possible contrast ratios are important in order to obtain an optimal representation even in conference rooms with a high brightness. Such devices are also suitable for operation with media controllers and should not fall below a minimum size of 52 "depending on the room size and resolution.

Interactive Displays

More display solutions for borderless collaboration: