NEC X-Series displays

NEC X Series are heavy duty, 24x7 operation displays, used in public spaces (advertising, control room, DICOM in medical) and are the most sophisticated displays in NEC’s line up. With high reliability in mind, NEC provides the best stable image during a number of years, providing stunning low total cost of ownership as well for professional grade display technology. Intelligent thermal management and heat distribution make sure that NEC displays are the best choice in challenging environments and conditions such as direct sunlight exposure.

7 out of 10 financial institutions standardise on NEC displays, because of the combined low TCO paired with extreme high reliability. 8 out of 10 fast food restaurants display their menus with NEC displays because NEC provides the brightest image in practically any condition. And many airports display departure and arrival times using NEC X-Series, and control rooms are equipped with walls of X-Series, simply because it is the best solution in mission critical environments.

NEC X-Series displays

Technical details: NEC X-Series displays

  • Professional Large Format Displays
  • Resolution: Full HD & UHD
  • Continuous operation: 24/7
  • Luminance: 700 cd/m2
  • Brightness: HB 2000 / 2700 cd/m2
  • Naviset administration software
  • Supports DICOM standard


There are numerous features that set NEC apart from competition: eco-friendly settings to save costs, OPS expansion slots to include intelligent computing from within the display (for narrow casting) and solutions such as NaviSet, to control all displays from a web browser, managing settings. Color reliability, operating times and various other aspects can be managed smartly. X-Series displays come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40 to 98 inch. With brightness ranging from 500 to 700 cd/m2 for the standard versions and up to 2.700 for the High Brightness versions, these displays can truly challenge any imaging solution. Ultra High Definition is available in displays of 65” and above, as is touch capability. Note: NEC X-Series and P-Series have limited functional differences. DEKOM will assist you in defining the proper display for any solution.