Media, Sport & Culture

Every venue - whether it’s a multipurpose hall, museum, theatre or zoo - presents a special challenge and requires an individual media technology concept. We have the right technology for you, whether you’re looking for press conferencing with language support or public guidance systems.

From the Munich Allianz Arena to the Berlin Olympic Stadium, our products ensure first-class control and ergonomics, the best possible quality and maximum success.

Fields of application:

In a nutshell:

  • sound processors for echo-free sound output
  • feedback-free loudspeaker systems

Teleconference & meeting rooms

Conferences that hit the right notes

Editorial conferences are an important part of journalism. Interconnectable telephone conferencing systems are used by main and local editorial offices for discussing topics and headlines in joint conferences.

High quality microphone systems combined with sound processors allow echo-free audio output in the room itself and top quality audio transmission to external participants. The sound is reproduced using feedback-free loudspeaker systems.

Multipurpose halls

It comes down to the technology

Our audio specialists draw on line array technology to make listening a real pleasure and ensure the best clarity of speech at event venues in halls, stadiums, theatres and arenas.

With this technology, only a few loudspeakers are needed to produce enough sound even for large rooms. This allows almost interference-free, in-phase sound at an adequate volume, even in auditoriums with thousands of guests. This remarkable type of loudspeaker technology is consequently also popular for live events.

In a nutshell:

  • line array technology to make listening a real pleasure
  • interference-free, in-phase sound

In an nutshell:

  • tour guide systems
  • provision of accessible information
  • use of the latest RFID technology


Always on the right track

Information and guidance systems are standard in large museums, and special emphasis is given to providing accessible information for people who are blind, partially sighted, hard of hearing or deaf.

The potential applications of tour guide systems are almost inexhaustible: Design individual tours that are easy to update and publish using apps or mobile browsers; use the latest RFID technology to fill all kinds of rooms with multimedia content that can be automatically or manually activated via PDA; use a GPS guide to individually enhance routes with interesting background information tailored to specific target groups - not only do we have the right system to meet every need, we can also create multimedia content for you on request.


For the perfect show

Theatres are real media technology playgrounds: A core stage management system with media controls - also available in a redundant configuration on request - and operated by a connected touchpanel, an integrated intercom system for communicating with everyone involved in the performance, monitoring systems, control room equipment...

But the devil is in the detail: the quality of a monitoring system, for example, is determined partly by the microphone technology and partly by the signal routing depending on the event. A different number of microphones are connected to the system during a rehearsal than during a performance. For this reason, all of the components and systems in the stage management console are connected to the technology centres by structured cabling. This allows the stage management console to be easily connected at different places for rehearsals or different sets.

In a nutshell:

  • intuitive media control
  • integration of intercom and monitoring systems
  • ergonomic control room facilities

In a nutshell:

  • optical fibre-based systems for long signal transmission distances
  • operation via touchpanel media controls
  • robust connection points for functionality in all weather conditions


Top signal quality even over long distances

Media technology systems in stadiums are characterised by multiple sources and loads and long signal transmission distances. High quality optical fibre-based systems can solve the problem of long signal transmission distances. A management system for multiple sources and loads is customised to individual requirements.

We use touchpanel media controls to manage this type of system. Graphics can be used on the touchpanels to simplify operation. This means that changes in operating personnel are not a problem even with such a complex system.

Because stadiums are used for a variety of purposes, a large number of connection points must be integrated for different signal types. These connection points are very robust as they must be able to function in all weather conditions. The construction of the connection boxes is crucial for this; the boxes must be closable when cables are connected.