Extron TLS 725M

Extron TLS 725M is a 7 "wall-mounted TouchLink room reservation screen. This screen connects directly to various popular calendar services, and without requiring additional reservation software or external processors. Features a 1024x600 capacitive touchscreen with highly scratch and smudge resistant Gorilla Glass glass. The TLS 725M features Power over Ethernet - PoE which is convenient and allows you to receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable. Two bright red and green LEDs allow you to see if a room is occupied or available, allows easy integration and is an ideal solution for any environment that requires a stylish and practical room reservation screen.

Room Agent Software

All TLS displays are configured with Extron Room Agent software. Customization options include custom colors and background images, and the ability to show or hide interface text fields, depending on your preferences.

Room reservation analysis

Room booking touchscreens provide the information you need to take a closer look at room usage, activity patterns, and occupancy trends across your business.

Automatic release of inactive rooms

The TLS displays equipped with a digital input will work with occupancy sensors monitoring the occupancy of the room, and after a period of time defined by the user, they release the room by changing its status to available.


  • 7 "capacitive glass touch screen and 1024x600 resolution
  • Allows you to make reservations from the touch screen, computer or any smartphone or tablet connected to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar, 25Live, EMS, NFS and Ad Astra
  • Room Agent software that provides easy integration with Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, as well as Office 365 for convenient planning directly from Outlook
  • No annual subscription or maintenance fees
  • Easy creation of a touch screen or multiple with similar configuration
  • Deploy a single touchpanel, or multiple touchpanels with similiar settings easily
  • All communication between the touch screen and the encrypted and secure calendar server

Extron TLS 725M
DEKOM is Extron Certified XTP Systems Technician
DEKOM is Extron Certified Control Professional
DEKOM is Extron Certified Authorized Programmer