Access control systems (ACS) design

Designing an access control system (ACS) - creating a project for a protection system against unwanted intrusion of unauthorized persons into an object and organizing internal access for employees to various office premises.

ACS Design 1

ACS is an important component of the enterprise security system. Depending on the size and architectural features of the object, as well as on the tasks facing the access control system, the project may involve both the installation of an autonomous system for one entrance, and deep integrated integration with various video surveillance, emergency warning and fire alarm systems existing at the enterprise.

The access control system consists of one or many nodes, which are essentially automated checkpoints. To pass through such a point, it is necessary to bring a card, a magnet or, for example, a finger (for biometric readers) to the reader. The information received by the device is transmitted to the controller, which stores data about allowed accesses, processes the received requests and transmits a signal-command to the driven equipment to let the visitor through or deny access. Driven equipment can be doors with special locks, passage sensors, door closers and emergency release buttons, or turnstiles, barriers.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the system's operating principle, its implementation is a process that requires specialized knowledge, experience and time. It is extremely rare to use standard solutions in practice, in the vast majority of cases, after analyzing the tasks and features of the object, the need to develop an individual project of a corporate access control system becomes obvious.

What is important to consider when designing an enterprise access control system:

  • system tasks (it is important that the tasks before the design were defined, designated and agreed upon within the company, as the ACS functionality may affect the operations and be useful to various departments)
  • detailed analysis of premises, access points, various control points and their features
  • choosing the optimal method of laying cables, as well as ensuring uninterrupted power supply
  • data collection and storage system (including for monitoring working hours)
  • since when designing an access control system, not only equipment is selected, but also software solutions, you should know how flexible and easy to manage the system should be (how complex is the access scheme, control methods: locally, centrally, remotely)
  • integration with existing video surveillance, emergency notification and fire alarm systems, or the need to provide for the possibility of integrating ACS with such systems in the future
  • compliance with industry regulations and corporate norms and standards
  • ensuring the information security of the system
  • the ability to update and scale the access control system
ACS Design 2

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