Poly CCX600

The CCX600 is a high performance business multimedia desk phone with a large color touchscreen. It is the executive or administrative phone option in the next generation CCX family of phones. With a 7-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi, and Android 9 performance, this phone lets you enjoy audio quality even more.

You won't miss a word or voice inflection with the Poly CCX600. With great audio, added to the native experience of Microsoft teams, it is designed for the way you work, at your best productivity.


  • Convenient 7 "multi-touch LCD touch screen
  • Hear every note thanks to Poly's award-winning audio technology.
  • Powerful chipsets supporting next-generation features like NoiseBlock AI
  • Includes Wi-Fi connection; Bluetooth and two USB ports (1 Type A, 1 Type C) for connecting a headset and more

Poly CCX600
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