Crestron Fusion

Crestron Fusion is monitoring and planning software that makes your conference rooms easier and more proactive. It contains all the advantageous tools your employees and customers need, including space planning, remote help desk, global device monitoring, data collection and reporting.

Remote Help Desk provides AV and IT staff with alerts to quickly resolve events remotely, maximizing uptime. Support staff can also solve problems during a meeting by taking control of the devices in the room after advance notice. Meeting participants can also contact the support staff via the touch screen in the room. If there is a need, you have the possibility to save and organize all technical documentation.

Global device monitoring enables support to proactively manage events via real-time alerts so that your rooms are always operational and bookable. You receive instant status notifications for each device in each room and can directly deploy local support staff to fix the problem. In addition, the Crestron Fusion software reminds you of routine work.

The software's room planning tool can be integrated into any calendar program you already use to improve workflow and room use. It connects to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar, IBM Notes, CollegeNet R25 to 25Live and many others. You can use the MRP boards to book, release, or check the availability of rooms. As soon as a scheduled meeting is cancelled due to non-appearance, the room is automatically released again.

The data acquisition and reporting function provides you with a comprehensive source of information. You can see how often a room is booked, how long it is used and who uses it. Questions about the use of the display, the use of the AV or VTC systems and the number of people in the meeting rooms are also revealed.

Crestron Fusion
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