Humly Room Display

Humly Room Display is an intuitive and elegant booking system that makes it easy to find a free room or locate a room you have booked. The 8-inch display also allows you to book a room in advance or instantly on site. Using a room display means you no longer need to enter a room to see if it is available or not. The LED backlight behind the display indicates whether a room is free or busy or if a meeting is about to start.

The timeless design of Humly Room Display fits in any modern office. The interface shows you when the room has been booked and allows you to book a room on the spot. The room finder function allows you to see what rooms are available and book another room from the Room Display you are using. The built-in RFID sensor makes it possible to check into a meeting without touching the screen. You can also customise the interface with your company logo and even report issues in the room hardware through the Room Display.

Humly uses an open API, allowing you to integrate Room Display into any environment. It is also ready to integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 and is Google certified.


  • Easy to use room booking panel with advanced functionality
  • 8-inch display
  • LED backlight indicates room status
  • Compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Workspace
  • Open API