Crestron UC-SB1-CAM

The Crestron UC-SB1-CAM Smart Soundbar, with integrated 12MP Huddly IQ camera and surround sound, is ideal for small to medium conference and meeting rooms.

With the included wall mount, this device can be optimally mounted under a conference room display, as it can be combined with all LCD-/ and LED monitors. The connection to your personal device is done via a simple USB 3.0 connection, through the Plug-n-Play function you can start the conference directly. This soundbar has been designed to meet the requirements of the most popular video conferencing providers.

Centered in the device is an intelligent HD camera with 4K sensor and a 120° field of view, as well as advanced image processing, producing a clear, noise-free image. A digital autozoom detects people present in the room, and automatically adjusts the view to provide an optimal image at all times without loss of resolution. The camera features triple lossless digital zoom, as well as the ability to expand the field of view by panning and tilting.

With the speakerphones, you can achieve a recording range of 180° and a length of 7 meters. The built-in beamforming technology detects where the speaker is and optimizes the recording direction for clear audio output, without distracting background noise or reverberation.

Crestron UC-SB1-CAM
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